Couple Finds $10 Million in Gold Coins Hidden in Their Yard (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: CBS News)

Don't be surprised to see your neighbors suddenly combing their yards with a metal detector. That's what I'd do (if I had a yard) after hearing the tale of a Northern California couple who made a jackpot discovery on their own land.

While walking the dog, the woman spotted a rusty can sticking out of the dirt. When she investigated, she found it contained a trove of mint condition gold coins from the 19th century. In all, they discovered eight cans in the area that held over 1,400 coins. The coins have face values of $5, $10 and $20 and total over $27,000. However, the stash is valued at $10 million in today's market, with some of the rarer coins worth $1 million.

The way the canisters were dated and organized, it's unlikely the gold was acquired in a robbery. It appeared to be just someone's underground savings account.

The couple, who wishes to remain anonymous, plans to sell the coins online and use the money to pay bills and quietly donate to local charities, according to Don Kagin, a coin expert who is representing the couple.