Here's Your Free Chance to Win $1.5 Million on Twitter From a Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

(Photo: Esurance/YouTube)

Insurance company Esurance bought the first ad AFTER the Super Bowl and saved $1.5 million from the cost of purchasing ad time during the game. Instead of keeping the savings, they're giving it away to one lucky Twitter who posts a tweet with the hashtag #EsuranceSave30.

In the post-game commercial, actor John Krasinski ("The Office"), who has voiced Esurance commercials since 2012, announces the promotion. According to the contest rules, entering is straightforward:

1. How do I enter?
To enter, you'll need a Twitter account, Internet access and a valid email address. Once you have a Twitter account, all you have to do is post or "Tweet" on Twitter the following hashtag: #EsuranceSave30. That's it!

You have until 1:00am Pacific Time on Feburary 4, 2014 to enter by tweeting out #EsuranceSave30. Watch and SHARE this unique social media promotion!