Lawyer Jamie Casino Invokes Bible, Church in Epic Super Bowl Ad About Slain Brother (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Jamie Casino/YouTube)

Amidst commercials from the largest companies in the world, Savannah, Ga. personal injury attorney Jamie Casino may have put out Super Bowl 48's most epic ad. Only residents in the Savannah market saw it last night, but the unforgettable two-minute spot is now up on Casino's YouTube channel.

The commercial opens with Proverbs 31:8 ("Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed."), and then tells the story of how Casino went from a lucrative career of representing criminal defendants to fighting for personal injury plaintiffs. According to the ad, his turning point was the murder of his brother Michael Biancosino and an acquaintance over the 2012 Labor Day weekend.

In a news conference, Savannah-Chatham Police Chief Willie Lovett said in 2012 "there were no innocent victims" from the killings.

"There were no words to describe how I felt," Jamie Casino, Biancosino's brother, told WTOC. "On top of it, this was not a normal death here and the statement was made by the chief that was completely hurtful and wrong."

Chief Lovett eventually released a statement to reverse his comments, saying

Neither Emily Pickles or Michael Biancosino were involved in any wrong doing as far as police know.

Last fall, Lovett resigned amidst two discrimination lawsuits and an allegation of sexual harassment.

In the ad, Casino slams Chief Lovett and proclaims his law firm as crusaders for the victimized. In a striking sequence, Casino wields a sledgehammer inscribed with Biancosino's name as a cemetery burns around him.

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