Video Preaches the Gospel of Jesus in a Breathtaking Way You've Never Seen Before

(Screenshot: Cru)

In the 2012 short film "Falling Plates," the narrator recites a message from the perspective of Jesus to the viewer. Christ tells his story from Creation to the Fall of Man to his mission of redemption on the earth. It's a swiftly moving montage of metaphors for life, death and love.

The video a product of Cru, the interdenominational Christian organization also known as Campus Crusade for Christ, and production studio Strong Films. Cru describes the motif behind the project:

Life begins happy and content as it was created by God to be. But, it's shattered in pain leaving
men and women broken, stained and burned. Into that pain, God the creator, who desires a true
relationship with each person, proves his love to restore individuals and humanity.

"Falling Plates" is a masterfully shot and edited video presentation of the Gospel. Watch it and SHARE this beautiful work!