Watch the Amazing Story of How Love and Determination Helped This Paralyzed Bride Walk Down the Aisle (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Dan Martland/YouTube)

Jennifer Darmon was driving to the beach with friends when her car slammed head-on into another vehicle. Everyone escaped the wreckage, but her boyfriend, Mike Belawetz, had to carry her out. A paramedic, Belawetz could tell it was bad. She was paralyzed.

During her rehab, Darmon told Belawetz on several occasions she'd understand if he wanted to move on with his life. However, he stayed, driving three hours three times a week to support her.

And then on their four-year dating anniversary, Belawetz proposed. Darmon vowed to walk down the aisle, even wearing a borrowed wedding dress during rehab to inspire her.

Hear the determined couple's story, and watch Jennifer Darmon's dream become reality on their special day.