Fidelis Iyebote

Christian Post Contributor


  • Saudi Women Stand Up for Their Rights to Drive

    Some women in Saudi Arabia were seen Friday, openly driving cars in defiance of the ban on female drivers in the kingdom known for its restriction on the rights of women.

  • U.N., Arab League Condemn Syria as Refugee Crisis Worsens

    As the plight of more than 8,000 Syrian refugees on Turkish border deteriorates into a humanitarian crisis, the United Nations has released a report condemning the Syrian government for committing "breaches of the most fundamental rights" against its people.

  • Christian Leaders to Meet Biennially on World Evangelism

    Christian Leaders from around the world are expected to meet in Lausanne, Switzerland biennially to track the progress of world evangelism. It is estimated that about 500 Christian leaders will attend the congress, first convened by Dr. Billy Graham 45 years ago.