Mario Diaz

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • Supreme Court punts on important religious liberty case

    It is difficult to find words that can adequately sound the alarm of the religious liberty threats we face as a nation. We are getting weaker by the moment on the protection of our “first freedom,” and the opposition gets bolder with every half-hearted attempt, whether by courts or opportunistic politicians, to take the middle ground where none exists.

  • The Explosive Nature of Abiding

    Sometimes we misinterpret Jesus' familiar call for us to abide in Him found in the 15th chapter of the Gospel according to John. Abiding seems like a tranquil, passive, resting sort of call. The world will hate the call to abide.

  • No God, No Justice

    The constant cry for justice in our times is tiresome and boring. Like my six-year-old's toy train's sounds, they were cute at first. After a few hours, they're just insufferable.

  • Liberal Love Fails Because It Disregards Truth

    We concern ourselves here not with the profound truth found in Holy Scriptures, where it tells us that God is love (1 John 4:8), or the glorious definition of it in 1 Corinthians 13, but with today's post-modern idea of love.

  • Calling Evil Good Isn't Progress, It's Ignorance

    The distracted might not notice, having all their energy invested in "progress," but the reality is that we are not "avant-garde," we are ignorant. This includes, perhaps especially, many in the church.

  • The Jenner Fantasy

    Jenner seems to be looking for acceptance and validation among those who seek to exploit him most for their personal gain, when the reality is that he is and always has been of immeasurable value.

  • Stanley & Powers Miss the Mark In Comparing Jim Crow Laws to Gay Marriage

    I respect Kirsten Powers as a sincere sister in Christ. But her naïve view of sin and holiness, as expressed in her latest USA Today column, "Jim Crow laws for gays and lesbian?" is typical of the journey of adults coming to faith. Sometimes we tend to filter Biblical teaching through our experiences, instead of the other way around.