Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas is an author, speaker, consultant, teacher, and podcaster. He has been encouraging and training Christians since 1997. Find him online at https://rickthomas.net/


  • A Way out of Cultural Confusion and Bigotry

    Abortion on demand, the breakdown of the family due to radical feminism - it's difficult to see how we as a nation will ever recover this side of heaven.

  • Overcoming Limited Relationships with Scripture and Practice

    Cyber relationships are partial relationships. When someone brings a situation to us for advice, we can only hear their perspective.

  • How Well Do You Know Yourself?

    Asking the right questions to God and a transparent community are two essentials when trying to come to proper conclusions about yourself.

  • The Evils of Passivity and the Power of Providing

    There is no room in God's world for passiveness, whether it is spiritual (Matthew 6:33) or physical laziness (1 Thessalonians 5:14). We are called to work hard because it is God-like.

  • Forgiving Someone Who Isn't Sorry

    In a forgiveness context, the sinning person understands there is a debt that someone must pay and they know that someone must pay for the offense (Romans 6:23).

  • The Dangers of Leaning on Grace and Not The Gospel

    If anything gets in the way of our worship of the gospel (Christ), we may be teetering on the precipice of false worship. Do you worship the serpent on the pole, which was a means to salvation, or do you worship the Lord who provides salvation?