Samuel Rodriguez

CP Contributor


  • With Jesus, He can bless your mess

    No matter what your mess looks like, how much damage it has done in your life and the lives of those you love, and how desperate you may feel, open your eyes to the power of Jesus Christ in your life.

  • How God uses dreams and dreamers

    When God gives you His dream for your life, nothing can stop you from ascending toward higher places. Your climb will not be easy, but it will lead to things you have never seen or even imagined.

  • A reboot of the spiritual system

    It is as if the calendar is reset to begin a new year, a fresh beginning, a reboot of the spiritual system we have been running in the hard drive of the soul.

  • Let God care for you this New Year

    Leaving Gilgal requires courage and even more trust in the Lord. As we enter the New Year, we rest at our Gilgal then leave to take the first step toward the exciting adventures awaiting us around the next bend. Let this annual marker become the foundation for a future forged by mature faith.

  • A Christmas reflection from the highway

    I don’t know what you or your family may be going through this holiday season. But I pray you’ll allow Isaiah’s words and the Christmas story to remind you that the God who became one of us is not a weak God. He is not a fearful God. He is not a God of confusion. He is a wonderful, wise, mighty, everlasting God of peace who took all of our sin, shame, and suffering on His shoulders on the cross.

  • Your late start can’t stop God

    Maybe you have an idea for a new ministry, and then you see others doing it with more funding, more attention and more success. But if God calls you to do something, none of that matters!

  • We must dare to start holy confrontation

    When we exercise the mantle of holy confrontation, we may, like Elijah, be viewed as a troublemaker and instigator. Our opponents may call us names or try to influence others so that they may join forces against us. Our adversaries will silence us by any means necessary. That is when we must dare to start holy trouble.

  • 'Pushing the Plow' as a millennial or Gen Zer

    As we assess the plows we are pushing, we must ask ourselves about both the motivation and the end result: Why are we doing the work we are doing? For whom? For what goals or results?

  • 4 ways we can develop the next generation in 2021

    The choices we make now will shape the lives of future generations in ways we cannot yet understand, just as our forebearers’ choices have shaped our own lives. That is why we should pass down our stories to our children and grandchildren — the stories of our hard times as well as the stories of our victories.

  • Pentecost people know how to wait — and worship

    As we celebrate the birth of the church this Sunday, I think there is a major lesson for believers or, as I like to say, “Pentecost people”: Pentecost people know how to wait — and worship.