Stephan Bauman

CP Guest Contributor


  • Three Years On: The Crisis in South Sudan and What the Church Can Do to Bring Peace

    South Sudan's hard-fought independence was achieved on July 9, 2011 with celebration and hopeful expectation. Exactly three years later the young country tops the list of the most fragile countries in the world and finds itself in the midst of a deadly conflict and on the verge of a famine.

  • Immigration Reform Will Deter Human Trafficking, Not Increase It

    Recently, Christian author Kelly Monroe Kullberg spoke on a radio program about immigration policy, critiquing the Senate's bipartisan immigration reform bill. Ms. Kullberg suggested that the bill, if passed into law, would result in "open borders," which, she argued, would lead to an increase in human trafficking. As the President and CEO of World Relief, I respectfully disagree.