Current page: LATEST CARTOON

  • With Christ, you're still in the game!

    But upsets don’t just happen in sports, they happen in all aspects of life. And the Bible is full of examples when the impossible turns possible. In John 11 we read about the story when Mary and Martha sent word ahead to Jesus that they needed his help.

  • A valedictorian champions Christ!

    A high school in Michigan has reversed course after initially telling a graduating senior that references to her Christian beliefs were "not appropriate" for her upcoming valedictory speech, her lawyers say. 

  • How will you encounter Jesus?

    When Mary Magdalene encountered Jesus risen in the empty tomb, she had to testify! Do you feel this intense need to testify? Do you long to tell the lost about the good news of Jesus? 

  • Back to the Bible during the pandemic

    Over 10 million more Americans turned to the Bible in the past year than before, as one in four adults reported reading the Bible more frequently during the pandemic compared to last year, the American Bible Society’s 2021 State of the Bible report suggests.

  • Social media witnessing in a polarized society

    In an increasingly polarized society, Bishop T.D. Jakes has encouraged Christians to use discretion when posting on social media, stressing the power of content that “sheds light rather than generates heat.”

  • Church Isn't a Consumer Item!

    Sure, there are a few pastors who preach borderline heretical sermons. And there are some who provide a spiritual pep talk each week instead of a biblical sermon. But, among the 450,000 pastors in North America, most of them are Bible-believing and Bible-preaching. 

  • Other pastors aren't the competition!

    I enjoy a little friendly competition. The reality is many churches don’t compete on friendly terms. In fact, in a given city or ZIP code, the likelihood is many pastors do not even know each other. 

  • What kind of world is Generation Z facing?

    Millennials (1984-1999) have gotten all the attention for too long, casting a shadow on Gen Z.

  • Do you know a 'Me Monster'?

    Identifying other Me Monsters is easy. It’s not hard to spot people who are completely consumed with themselves.

  • Bringing Christ to the movies

    Actor and filmmaker Corbin Bernsen takes a dogmatic approach to films addressing faith, Christianity and the Christian walk.  

  • Get right with God and get out of debt!

    I am excited that you have a goal to be debt free. I am hoping that your phrase “debt free in three” is a three year ...

  • The prodigal son: Coming home to God

    The Dutch artist Rembrandt created my favorite painting called “Return of the Prodigal Son,” which is on display at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Rembrandt based his work on a story Jesus once told his disciples and the teachers of the law. It’s the story of the unchanging heart of God and a man Jesus calls “the prodigal son.”