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  • Pastors, don't neglect your family for your ministry

    One of the disturbing trends I have witnessed in ministry comes from pastors who neglect their families for their churches.

  • What does the Bible say about suicide?

    Much confusion abounds in our society regarding the theological and spiritual dimensions of suicide.

  • Where is Heaven?

    Today, most Christians are trying to get out of this world; Jesus desires to break into this world through them. His is not a salvation “out of” the world; it is a rescue mission “within” the world.

  • What does the Bible really say about women being pastors?

    The call of God is connected to gifts that are received from the Holy Spirit. Nothing in this passage connects the gifts and calling of God to a specific gender.

  • A Q&A with Dr. Jim Garlow: It’s up to the Church

    The problem is not the progressives and the liberals, it’s not the baby killers and it’s not the LGBTQ, the real problem is the pastors of America and the churches of America.

  • Lent: 40 days of discipline and discipleship

    If we claim to be the disciples of Jesus Christ we must submit to his discipline in our lives. We must submit our will to His will, come under his tutelage, becoming like Him. That is what discipline means: the submission of one will to another.

  • Women pastors — What does the Bible say?

    Let me begin by saying that I know and appreciate many women who have been recognized as pastors. But in our passion to promote women (something I wholeheartedly agree with), have we overstepped the Scriptures?

  • We can't add another service! We won't know everyone.

    Most pastors and other church leaders have heard this objection at one point or another. It might be a point of contention when the leadership suggests the addition of another worship service. Similarly, it might be the cry when leadership begins looking at the option of creating a new venue or adding a new site.

  • Ministers, please stop peddling multilevel marketing products to the church 

    There is a troubling Church trend I have witnessed over the last couple of years: ministers of the Gospel selling multilevel marketing products to the body of Christ.