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  • Ask Chuck: Considering a reverse mortgage?

    Dear Chuck, my neighbor says we should consider a reverse mortgage. My wife and I are split about it. Can you break the deadlock?

  • What avoiding 'sin stocks' can't do

    I have been blessed to meet many Christian financial advisors across America. Not all, but some of them use a moral screening strategy to serve their investment clients. Moral screening is one of several strategies under the larger topic of faith-integrated investing. While I have written elsewhere about how to invest for redemptive purposes, in this article I want to highlight some of the theological limits of moral screening.

  • Biblically responsible investing is not what you think it is

    When the Holy Spirit convicted my heart about biblically responsible investing it was not because of a realization that my investment money was going into the coffers of bad businesses who would use it to pursue immoral ends. No, God broke my heart over the undeniable truth that as an investor, I was profiting from the sale of abortion drugs.

  • Ask Chuck: My spouse in an impulsive spender

    Dear Chuck, Do you have any advice for someone married to an impulsive spender? Cautious Budgeter 

  • Ask Chuck: Overcoming financial bitterness

    Our best friends are on the brink of a divorce. A financial mistake occurred several years ago, and they’re slowly working their way out. But the wife is struggling to forgive. Any advice? 

  • Ask Chuck: What about China’s digital currency?

    I read your new book on economic threats. What do you think of China’s new digital currency? Isn’t it a threat that should be on your list of Gray Swans? 

  • Ask Chuck: Should I move for the financial incentives?

    My wife and I want to escape the high taxes in California. She thinks we should look into a place offering moving incentives. We have two young children; so now may be the best time to move. What advice can you offer on these moving incentives?