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In Case You Missed It
Playing the villain is nothing new to Neal McDonough. However, tackling the role of Lucifer in the faith-inspired film "The Shift" changed the actor's life forever. In the film, which comes from Angel Studios, a man in a dystopian world is confronted by a stranger known as "The Benefactor." Learn more and check out CP's interview with McDonough now.
From details on Carlton Pearson's memorial service to K-12 education, readers were busy checking out a variety of topics this week. Here's a look at the most popular stories. 

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What is a true miracle? During a recent episode of the "Crossmap Podcast," Rabbi Jason Sobel reflected on Christ's miracles and why faith and trust are at the heart of it all. "[E]ach one of these signs, each one of these miracles that Jesus performs is meant to build hope in our hearts. It's meant to build faith, and every one of the miracles that He performs has a promise attached to it," Sobel explains. Listen now.

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This week, our CP Voices contributors weighed in on issues such as speaking out when fellow believers are victimized, moral considerations when it comes to surrogacy, and demons. As we close out the week, we'd like to leave you with this thought from Eastern European Mission President Bob Burckle:
"When thinking about giving a gift to God, I recall the story of Peter, John and the lame man in Acts 3: 'Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.' We clearly can’t give God anything of material value—but that's not what He wants anyway. What does He ask of us? 'To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God,' as stated in Micah 6:8. I think our time, love and respect, and obedience would definitely fulfill His Christmas wish list."
As you head out to take care of your Christmas shopping with your peppermint mocha in hand, remember that Christ is at the heart of Christmas and it is what God wants from us that matters most of all.

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