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'007' News, Updates: 'Inception's' Christopher Nolan Is Favorite Bet to Direct Next James Bond Movie

'007' News, Updates: 'Inception's' Christopher Nolan Is Favorite Bet to Direct Next James Bond Movie

Director Christopher Nolan arrives for the premiere of the film "Interstellar" in New York November 3, 2014. | REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The next "007" movie has yet to find its director, but gambling companies have recently revealed that most of their patrons are betting it will be "Inception's" Christopher Nolan.

The report surfaced after LADBible spoke with a couple of gambling companies operating in the United Kingdom. They revealed that more people are betting that Nolan will become the director of the next James Bond movie.

If that happens, it would be Nolan's first time working on a "007" installment.

It will definitely not be his first time in filmmaking in general, however. Nolan is actually quite well-known for a number of critically acclaimed and commercially successful films, including "Inception" starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nolan is also famous for his work on the "Dark Knight" movie series and other Batman films, as well as several other movies like "Memento," "Interstellar," and this year's "Dunkirk." 

The director's deep bench of globally recognized films is one of the major reasons why bettors are rooting for him to direct the next "007."

In an interview, Jessica Bridge, who is part of a betting and gambling company, told LADbible: "The betting suggests it's Nolan, Christopher Nolan, who will direct the next Bond masterpiece. With Daniel Craig back in action and Nolan at the helm, it could well be the best 007 film ever."

Other directors who were named as options include Yann Demange, who won awards for directing "'71," and Denis Villeneuve, who is also widely recognized for his works including "Polytechnique."

Meanwhile, Nolan is also a favorite among patrons of the betting franchise, Paddy Power.

"We make Christopher Nolan the 7/4 favourite to direct the next Bond movie," Lee Price of Paddy Power said. "Fresh from breaking ground with arguably his finest ever directorial work, of course Nolan's next step would be into the can't-really-get-it-wrong franchise of Bond."

Fans can recall that before the struggle of looking for a director, the franchise also went through a long search to find an actor to play James Bond after it was reported that Craig would not be returning to the set.

However, in July, it was finally confirmed that Craig had agreed to be in, at least, one more "007" movie that will premiere in November 2019.


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