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10 Cool Christian Musicians to Follow on Twitter

10 Cool Christian Musicians to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is a way to connect and keep up with top Christian musicians, singers, bands, and artists in real-time.

Toby McKeehan@therealtobymac
The former DC Talk rapper and successful solo artist tweets in a low-key and accessible street-style. He posts tour photographs; daily Bible verses, and gives shout-outs to fellow musicians, friends, and fans.

Jeremy Camp@jeremycamp
Camp keeps a worshipful tone to his tweets, posts daily Bible verses and inspirational quotes, gives away fan exclusives, posts studio photographs and video updates. He also uploads images about life with his wife Ady Camp, formerly Adrienne Liesching of The Benjamin Gate, and their two daughters.

Natalie Grant@NatalieGrant
The Dove Award-winning vocalist candidly and sweetly interacts with fans who ask questions, jokes self-deprecatingly about herself, talks about her Lasik eye surgery, and publicly promotes causes like anti-trafficking organizations.

Mark Hall@markhallCC
The Casting Crowns front man, who also serves as a worship leader at his Atlanta church, sends encouraging tweets on scripture, grumbles about Android commercials, posts photographs of his family, and gives tweet-and-greet tickets to his followers.

Bart Millard@BartMillard
The jolly MercyMe lead singer and rabid Texas Rangers fan tweets a lot, but does not take Twitter too seriously. He frequently changes his avatar to humorous pictures and holds impromptu quiz games with his followers, all in a lighthearted delivery.

Phil Wickham@philwickham
The San Diego singer-songwriter tweets with his buddies, bemoans airplane travel, shares Instagrams, tweets from the Apple Store on his new iPhone, and promotes fellow bands and musicians with whom he has collaborated.

Rebecca St. James@RebeccaStJames
The Grammy Award-winning singer tweets about purity and worship. She often mentions poignant Bible verses, mentors young girls, gives links to her books, and loves on her husband.

Matt Hammitt: @matthammitt
The Sanctus Real lead singer, guitarist, and family man tweets about audiophile stuff, such as his new in-ear monitors. He tweets book quotes and New Testament nuggets, posts quirky photographs, and heart-tugging updates about his boy, Bowen, who was born with a rare heart condition and underwent multiple surgeries.

Mac Powell@macpowell
The Third Day rocker tweets wordplay jokes, roots for Georgia football, posts pictures of his guitars, goofs on his long hair, promotes tour dates and gigs, and doles out a hearty share of Southern charm.

Dan Haseltine: @Scribblepotemus
The Jars of Clay leader frequently tackles heavy philosophical discussions on his Twitter, holds theological debates with followers, posts behind-the-music blog posts, and jokes with his band mates.


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