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100 Years of Planned Parenthood: Celebrating What Exactly?

100 Years of Planned Parenthood: Celebrating What Exactly?

How sobering. And with that statement my mind brings me back to that hot, brick-walled sidewalk outside of Planned Parenthood Birmingham. I think of the vulnerable women being trafficked with no voice coming to this dark place, only to be exploited all over again; their babies ripped from their wombs whether they want it done or not, because they don't view the women as human anymore — they're "unfit."

In the twisted view of Margaret Sanger and those who carry her pro-abortion views, these women are "weeds of society" that should be sterilized and segregated. Not worth a call to the police or authorities. Not worth a rescue. How much less must they think of these women's babies?

According to last year's Planned Parenthood investigative videos, their babies' parts were most likely sold to bring even more blood money into their pockets. They exploit women who are trafficked, then sell their babies too.

So I ask, after a century of hate, deceit, darkness, and racial genocide, what is there to celebrate?

I pray you see that there is nothing in Planned Parenthood to commend. Instead, we must mourn and fast before the Lord.

We must realize the detriment that 100 years has wreaked upon our nation:

80 percent of Planned Parenthood's surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic communities.

Between 2007 and 2010, nearly 36 percent of all abortions in the U.S were on African American children, even though African Americans only make up 13 percent of our population. Also, 21 percent of abortions were on Hispanics and 7 percent on other minority groups. That is a total of 64 percent of U.S. abortions targeted on minority groups.

Nearly 60,000,000 abortions in the United States were performed from 1973–2015.

Based on Planned Parenthood's most recent annual report, an unborn baby dies every 96 seconds inside a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Planned Parenthood's revenues for 2013-2014 exceeded $1.3 billion. They report that 41 percent of their income came in the form of "Government Health Services Grants and Reimbursements."

Planned Parenthood isn't something to celebrate. It's a disease that should be thrust out of our nation through prayer and fasting. It has had the wholehearted support of wealthy and influential organizations for far too long.

It has rooted its lies and sickly existence inside our government, receiving over $500 million dollars in U.S. taxpayer funding every year. It receives huge sums of donations, from hotel chains to charities. And year after year, mainstream news coverage turns away from reporting their gross dealings.

It's time for our moral outcry as a nation to rise up against this evil. And it's time for Americans to say Enough! to the horrific tragedy of millions of women being exploited, men losing their fatherhood, children being slaughtered and sold, and families being destroyed.

This anniversary is a time to mourn and cry. It's a time to pray and fast.

Since 2008, Natalie Brumfield has served as Birmingham chapter leader for Bound4LIFE – a grassroots movement to pray for the ending of abortion and for revival worldwide. She works as children's director at her local church and volunteers at a local pregnancy care center. Natalie and her husband Matthew live in Birmingham, Alabama; they love being adoptive and foster parents.

Reprinted with permission from Bound4LIFE.

Natalie Brumfield has been the Bound4LIFE Birmingham Chapter Leader since 2008. She works as a children's director and curriculum writer for the children's ministry at her local church in Birmingham, Alabama. She's on the leadership team for the Birmingham Prayer Furnace as a prayer leader and serves as a weekly counselor for Sav-A-Life, a local pregnancy test center. Natalie longs to teach and provoke the hearts of the next generation for Jesus' righteousness, intercession, and justice! Follow @natbrumfield on Twitter.


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