13-Year-Old Confesses to Killing, Attempting to Rape Mother

Noah Crooke, 14, is officially on trial for his mother's brutal murder and attempted rape. The Wright County, Ohio jury heard the frantic 911 call made by Crooke after he killed his mother.

"I'm not joking at all. She's dead. I'm scared. I killed my mom with my .22. I don't know why I did it," Noah told dispatcher Barb Michael. "I feel crazy and I know I'm not. I think I have some form of ADD. I tried to rape her. Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now."

He continued speaking with Michael while police were alerted and sent to the home. Noah spoke about his girlfriend and his plans to go to college.

"That goes down the drain now. I'm going to have to move. I am going to go to jail. I tried to rape my own mom. Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now," Noah exclaimed.

"They're not going to shoot me or (expletive) are they?" Noah asked when told that officials were on their way to his home. He then put the gun across a chair in the dining room and waited patiently for the police.

"He wasn't crying or anything like that. He was just sitting on the steps patiently waiting," deputy Greg Halbach, one of the first responders on the scene, told the jury.

Inside the home, the deputies found 37-year-old Gretchen Crooke half-naked on the sofa, her mid-section "riddled with bullets."

The defense has alleged that Noah suffered from an episode of intermittent explosive disorder, which is a behavioral disorder characterized by repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive, or violent behavior. William Kutmus, Noah's attorney, said that hours before the attack, Gretchen had taken away Noah's video game "Call of Duty," which may have set him off.

Noah is charged with first-degree murder and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse.

"I just wish it was a dream so I could wake up and I could kiss her and hug her," Noah told the 911 dispatcher.