14-Year-Old, Boyfriend Charged With Murder of Girl's Father

Morgan Lane Arnold, 14, and Jason Anthony Bulmer, 19, have been charged with the murder of Dennis Lane. The two allegedly planned to kill Arnold's father, Dennis Lane, and fulfilled their plan early Friday morning.

The two reportedly planned Lane's death while on the Internet; police have proof of conversations between the two about Lane's murder, which they will bring before a court on May 24, when Arnold is due for a preliminary hearing. She is being charged as an adult and faces charges of first or second-degree murder as well as conspiracy to commit murder.

Police state that Arnold left the door open so that Bulmer could easily enter the home. He then went upstairs and stabbed Lane to death; Lane's fiancé called 911, and the police found the two teens covered in his blood.

"We do believe this homicide was very much encouraged by his 14-year-old daughter. Both Bulmer, who had blood on his hands and clothes, and Arnold were sitting in an upstairs bedroom when the police arrived. Officers found Lane deceased with multiple stab wounds in a different upstairs bedroom," a police spokesman told the press.

There is no known motive, but police believe that Arnold was the mastermind who convinced Bulmer to kill her father so that they could be together. However, Arnold's mother, Cindi, claimed that her daughter is a special-needs student and said she would comment more about her condition when the time is right.

"I will make a public statement soon, when I determine it is in the best interest of my very fragile special-needs child and her alleged role in this devastating situation," Cindi Arnold told The Baltimore Sun.

Lane was a popular blogger who wrote "Tales of Two Cities," which described everyday life and issues in Howard County, Maryland. He shared custody of his daughter with his ex-wife, Cindi, and seemed "very close" to his daughter, a co-worker told The Sun.

Mount Hebron High School in Ellicott City will provide counselors to help students cope with the arrest of Arnold and Bulmer, as well as the death of Lane.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the victim's family and everyone affected by this terrible tragedy," Rebecca Amani-Dove said in an email to the students.