2 Killed, 20 Wounded in Belgium Grenade Attack

Two people have been killed and at least 10 wounded in a hand grenade attack in Belgium Tuesday, according to reports.

The attack happened in the eastern Belgium city of Liege.

News reports suggest that three men threw several grenades into a busy downtown bus terminal in Liege in the early morning hours.

People nearby reported hearing gunfire, along with four explosions, presumably from hand grenades, according to The Associated Press.

One of the attackers committed suicide on the scene, but police are still searching for at least two other men believed to be involved, according to La Meuse.

Some reports suggest that the attackers escaped from a courthouse in Liege.

The attack occurred in Place Saint-Lambert, just feet from a busy Christmas market. Nearly 2,000 buses serve the central square.

Police have urged residents to stay away from the downtown square while they continue to investigate. Authorities have also rerouted bus traffic from the busy terminal, according to La Meuse.

The Karachi Post in Pakistan alleges the attack is connected to a recent sentence related to an honor killing case in Belgium.

Family members of Sadia Sheikh were found guilty in 2007 in the shooting death of the law student.

A Belgium court sentenced the father to 25 years in jail. The mother received 20 years, the brother sentenced to 15 years and the sister was ordered to spend five years behind bars for the crime.

There was a bomb threat at the courthouse on Monday, when the sentencing was taking place, according to reports by The Telegraph.

It is unclear if Tuesday’s attack is related to Monday’s bomb threat and sentencing of a Pakistani family.

People in the eastern Belgium city are hiding in shops in the busy square as citizens and officials fear there may be more shooting and possibly other attackers.

It is unclear who the other two suspects are in connection to the hand grenade attack.