300 Man Lynch Mob Attacks Police Station to Kill Brazilian Murder Suspects

An angry mob has burned to death two Brazilians suspected of murdering three Bolivian natives on Tuesday in San Matias, on the Bolivian border with Brazil.

A lynch mob of about 300 people attacked the police station where the two suspects were being detained, and dragged the two Brazilians outside, severely beating them and then setting them on fire, according to Uno Television.

The horrific crime took place after an announcement was made in the country that Rafael Dias and Jefferson Max de Castro Lima, had been arrested in connection with the murders of three Bolivians.

"The two were burned five meters from the doors of the police station," said police officer Grover Ramos, according to the Bolivian publication El Deber.

Ramos said it was "impossible to control these people," as the police were so greatly outnumbered by the lynch mob. It is believed the area only had seven active police officers at the time of the incident, who were no match for the 300 in the mob.

Rafael Dias had been arrested in connection with the shootings of Bolivians Paulino Parabá Ramos, 33, Edgar Suárez Rojas, 26 and Banderley Costas Parabá, 27. it is believed the three victims were killed after an argument about the price of two motorcycles the Brazilians were trying to sell. Jefferson Lima was arrested on suspicion of being an accomplice to the murders.

"People in San Matias are tired of its lawlessness," said Town councilman Claudion Rojas, according to The Associated Press.

San Matias is a town where cocaine traffickers and car thieves from both nations are very active.

The bodies of the two victims of the lynch mob were delivered to the Brazilian police at about midnight on Tuesday, reported Rojas.