36 Chihuahuas Seized: Officials Recover Dogs From California Hoarders

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(Photo: Reuters/Jorge Dan Lopez)Men walk with chihuahua dogs in this file photo.

36 Chihuahuas have been seized in California from two separate residences.

Workers from Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter have confirmed this week that they were forced to remove 11 Chihuahuas, including six puppies, at a Watsonville apartment on Monday.

That was followed by them finding 25 other Chihuahuas, including 10 puppies, at another house belonging to a relative of the owner of the first house.

The three dozen Chihuahuas have been taken to two separate shelters, and officials are now attempting to find foster homes for the animals. However, the shelter has asked that any potential foster families must be able to take on the dogs permanently.

It is believed that the Chihuahuas were being hoarded in the residences, and were being allowed to breed indiscriminately, according to The Associated Press.

At the moment although no animal neglect charges have been filed against the owners, investigators are still carrying out their work, and charges may be brought in the near future.

Officials were notified of the issue when the landlord of the apartment complex noticed the huge amount of Chihuahuas and reported the problem to officials. However, upon reporting the problem the landlord did not have any idea of the extent of the issue, and how many dogs were being hoarded by the owners.