4 Killed in Shooting Spree: Gunman Goes on Shooting Rampage in New York

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(Photo: Fox News Screen Shot)A gunman has killed 4 and injured 2 others in upstate New York on Wednesday.

4 people have been killed in shooting spree in New York state, with SWAT teams currently moving in on a suspect who is thought to be hiding in a jewelry store.

The Herkimer Police Department has reported that a suspect is believed to have killed four people and wounded two others in a shooting incident, before taking refuge in a jewelry store. They also confirmed the man fired shots at police officers attending the scene.

Officers have surrounded blocks of shops, which have apartments over the top of them, to lock down the area where the man is believed to be holed up.

The suspect is believed to be Kurt Myers, who allegedly shot four people in his hometown of Mohawk, New York, before moving on to nearby Herkimer where he killed two more.

One eye witness called Myles Smith, who lives in the apartments above the shops has told the Associated Press: "The snipers on the roof are sitting there. I ain't seen a whole lot of movement. I heard about five gunshots. I keep hearing them trying to talk him out, but I don't think he's coming out."

The six people were shot when the gunman opened fire at a car wash and barbershop on Wednesday morning, with four of those victims killed and two seriously injured.

Various weapons as well as ammunition were found inside Myers' apartment by emergency crews who were dispatched to his residence when a fire was reported there on Wednesday morning.

The shooter is thought to have gone around the corner to "John's Barber Shop" where he opened fire, killing two and wounding two others. He then traveled about a mile away to Herkimer, where he shot and killed two others at Gaffey's Fast Lube and Car Wash.

Here is a video news report of the shooting incident: