40 Pythons Found in Motel Room, Leaving Police Stunned

40 pythons have been found in a motel room in Canada, shocking police who were working on an entirely separate investigation at the time.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Mariluna)A python is shown in this file photo.

The pythons were found in a Brantford motel room on Thursday night, and the Brant County SPCA were called and have now taken the snakes into their care.

When they were found, the pythons were in five plastic containers in one of the rooms at the motel. Reports describe that the snakes were in distress due to the cramped conditions they were being kept in, and also due to lack of water.

Brandon James, spokesman for the Brant County SPCA said, "I've never seen a load of snakes this big in my time here."

One of the pythons was reportedly 1.3 meters long, but many of the others were much smaller and younger. Officials also confirmed that a number of unhatched snake eggs were found in the bins.

The SPCA is keeping the snakes in individual containers now in a separate portable facility.

It is believed that they will later be handed over to a reptile facility in Ontario, although James did not confirm the exact location.

It is illegal to own a python in Brantford.