6 Things That You Can Do to Improve Your Marriage

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#1 – Begin asking Jesus to reveal where you fall short as a spouse and then begin to work on YOUR PART...as opposed to being the person who always points out where the other person falls short.

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#2 – COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER (and not about each other!) Have a conversation with your spouse and ask him/her what is the one thing they see in you that he/she wish you would work on. (By the way...the ONLY way this works is if you apply James 1:19 before the conversation!!! Don't argue, don't explain things away...just listen!)

#3 – Do not believe the lie that your marriage is too far gone and that it would be better to start over with someone new.

#4 – DATE NIGHT!!! (Just the two of you, NO KIDS!)

#5 – Read a marriage book together. Some of the ones I would recommend are...

#6 – If you are not into books then you can read some of the following blog articles I have written in the past and use them to talk through on a date night.