7 Horses Test Positive for Steroids Under Banned Trainer

Seven horses under the watch of controversial horse trainer Mahmood al-Zarooni tested positive for anabolic steroids in one of the largest incidents of cheating to hit horse racing.

The British Horseracing Authority began screening all horses trained by Zarooni in April after 15 animals at his Godolphin facility tested positive for steroids. After the results were published, Zarooni was suspended for eight years from competitions and so far 22 horses have been suspended for six months as a result of testing positive.

A total of 391 Godolphin-owned horses tested were located at Godolphin Racing's Moulton Paddocks in Newmarket, England where Al Zarooni got his start in 2010. The horses were tested between April 29 and May 2 and both Godolphin and Zarooni have the option of requesting secondary analysis of the samples.

The most notable horse in Al Zarooni's doping scandal is the 2012 St. Leger winner Encke, but he also won the Dubai World Cup, the world's richest horse race, with the British thoroughbred, Monterosso.

The other six horses who tested positive in the most recent tests are Energizer, Genius Beast, Improvisation, Stamford, Steeler and Zip Top.

This isn't the first time Al Zarooni's been caught for using performance enhancing drugs on his horses, as he's currently appealing an eight-year ban from the BHA for 11 other horses who tested positive for anabolic steroids.

British horse racing authorities (BHA) released a statement noting that they found stanozolol during testing. Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid that improves muscle growth in animals and has also been used as treatment for humans with anemia.

"Whatever the outcome of his appeal before the independent Appeal Board, the gravity and scale of the infringements warranted Mahmood Al Zarooni being removed from control of the yard as quickly as possible," the BHA said in a statement.