70 Seconds of Creepy Hilarity Makes Old Spice's 'Mom Song' About Sons Becoming Men a Viral Hit

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/Old Spice)A scene from Old Spice's 'Mom Song' ad.

Moms now know just who to blame when their sons have fun with women and misbehave – Old Spice. That's according to a creepy but hilarious ad released by the men's fragrance line on YouTube last Friday that has gone viral on YouTube.

"Oh I didn't see it coming but it came in a can," croons one mom pictured hiding behind her son's bedroom door after watching him spray Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray over his body and getting dressed and leaving to meet a girl.

She is then joined by a chorus of other moms lamenting the same scenario while intruding into personal moments from recreational lives of their growing sons.

As of Monday evening the video had been viewed more than 1.3 million time on YouTube and reactions have been mixed.

"Probably the creepiest thing you will see today...or maybe this month," wrote Tony Bradley on the video.
"Hilarious and terrifying at the same time," wrote Paul Stevens.

"I didn't find it 'creepy' in the least. Thought it was very clever. Held my interest throughout and unlike many commercials that are 'too clever by half', at the end of this spot I actually knew the name of the product," wrote Fredrick Zinos.

YouTube/Old Spice
Old Spice - Mom Song
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