85-Foot Trapeze Fall Video Goes Viral: Circus Performer in Horrific Fall (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)This screen shot shows an 85-foot trapeze fall at a Moscow circus in March 2013.

An 85-foot trapeze fall has been caught on video, shocking viewers as the video goes viral on the Internet.

The video shows a Kenyan trapeze artist performing at a circus in Moscow last month. However, during his performance he slips and falls 85 feet down to the ground in an horrific fall.

The circus did have a safety net up in case of such an accident, however, the trapeze artist fell with such velocity that he broke straight through it and crashed down to the ground, leaving circus visitors screaming.

According to the Gawker, the acrobat was badly injured during the fall but not killed. He did have to have emergency medical attention, but has reacted well and is now expected to make a full recover.

The video of the fall has since been uploaded to video sharing site, YouTube with a description reading: "A Kenyan trapeze artist who fell to the ground from a height of 85 feet while performing at the Moscow circus last month says he is healing and will eventually return to work."

There were no details posted about the trapeze artist's injuries, however, it does appear as though he was badly injured in the incident. It is also unknown how long it would be until the trapeze artist would make a return to his work at the circus or if he will return at all.

The video has stunned many and highlights the dangers these extreme acrobats put themselves in performing such stunts at the circus.

"Absolutely crazy fall. Glad he is alright. But maybe a career change is in order," posted one commenter after seeing the video of the huge fall.

Here is a video of the horrific 85-foot fall: