A Good Deed at the Gas Pump

 A Kansas gas station owner has expressed his gratitude to local church members for their business after they rallied together for weeks to provide him with much needed customers after finding out about his financial woes. The Muslim-born business owner testified that he had "never seen this type of love before" as he reflected on the church's efforts to support him.

For the past five months, construction work in the vicinity of Snack Snack Phillip 66 has kept the station's business eerily quiet, severely cutting into what was a consistent source of revenue for owner Mukhtar Raja and his employees.

Over the period that the construction work was going on for, it is estimated that the business lost close to $100,000 and Raja said that he was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy.

"The point came it was hard to pay the bills. It was really hard to pay the bills," Raja told KCTV5.
But things changed drastically after an elder at local Cross Points Church read about Raja's dwindling funds in the local paper. He took it upon himself to tell his church about the local businessman's plight, and even connected the man's story to a book the church members were reading about prayer, and suggested that the church try and help him.

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