Aaron Rodgers' Mustache to Bring Awareness to Men's Health Issues? (PHOTO)

Aaron Rodgers has adopted a mustache reminiscent of the Joe Namath days. But is his new facial hair just a switch of style or in support of a good cause?

A surprising number of men have been sporting mustaches this month, but many are unaware of why. The most recent and notable 'stache to appear was on Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

The quarterback was spotted sporting his new mustache during the Packers' loss to the New York Giants, 38-10. The style was a reminder of the NFL's past, especially Joe Namath, who was well known for his mustache.

Rogers wasn't the only one who unveiled some fresh grown facial hair. Packers coach Mike McCarthy also took it upon himself to grow a well-groomed mustache. But why all the sudden facial hair? Because it's now the end of Movember.

Movember was developed in order to raise awareness to male health issues, "specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives," according to the Movember website. The site declares that male health issues are often ignored, but that the month of Movember turns admirable men into "walking billboards."

In addition, men can also register with the website in order to raise funds for the cause by trying to gain sponsorships. Rogers himself, however, did not declare whether or not his new facial hair was grown with a purpose. Fans did not appear supportive of the look, either way, and joked about his appearance online.

Over Thanksgiving, other members affiliated with the NFL also showed their support for a cause. Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Megan Meadors shaved her head during the fourth quarter of the last Colt's game. The move was in response to a promise that she made last week in order to support head coach Chuck Pagano, who has gone bald during his fight with leukemia.

Meadors agreed to shave her head if fans donated an accumulative $10,000 to Pagano's cause. Over $22,000 was collected, according to E! news.