Abby Wambach Wins Burritos for Life From Chipotle: Better Than Gold, Says Olympian

What is the happiest day ever for an Olympic athlete? Winning an Olympic Gold medal would seem like the obvious answer, but not for Abby Wambach, an apparent die-hard fan of Chipotle.

During the 2012 Summer London Olympics, the U.S. team soccer star took home her second gold medal. At 32, she is the second highest all-time goal scorer for the USA Women's National Soccer Team after Mia Hamm.

But that is not what made many of her fans and competitors envious over the weekend. On Saturday, the athlete rejoiced over her latest victory: a Gold card from Chipotle. While it is perhaps not as heavy as her gold medals, the card is Wambach's new golden ticket to getting free burritos for life.

"So chipotle today told me I was getting a gold card that I get free burritos for life," the Olympian announced proudly on her Twitter account. "Happiest day ever."

Wambach also added an "I Heart Burritos" with the Chipotle logo and the caption, "Be Jealous, Internet."

Many followed queue and admitted that they were actually quite jealous.

"Qow you're right best day ever!!! I'm soooooo jealous!!! #Niceplay," fellow professional soccer player Beverly Goebel responded.

So just how much is a Golden Card at Chipotle worth? The price range for burritos is somewhere between $5.25 and $7.50, depending on location and the type of meat. But assuming that Wambach goes for the gold every time, a year worth of burritos is would be worth almost $3,000. A free burrito every day for the next 40 years could be worth over a $100,000.

The prize comes even though Wambach is hardly strapped for cash, given that she's one of the country's most popular soccer stars.