Addison Road Fights Roadblocks to Release 2nd Album

Dove-nominated band Addison Road released their second album, entitled Stories, on Tuesday.

The album features hit single "Fight Another Day," which ironically turned out to be a literal reflection of what the band experienced just a few months ago.

"We had no idea when we recorded lines about feeling the flames when the fire gets hot that we would actually have everything we own literally burn up in a fire," said lead singer Jenny Simmons. "These songs have been the picture of our year."

Written by Grammy award-winning lyricist TobyMac, the lyrics of the single read: "And do you feel the fire when the flame gets hot, are you living each day like it's the last you've got, Will you step aside when it all falls down and watch it burn away, Have a little faith when the walls cave in, Pray for strength to fly against the wind, Will you walk away when the fire gets hot, Or fight another day."

After they recorded the single, the band's rented RV – on its way to Las Vegas – caught fire and destroyed all their gear. The band had just started its two-month tour in March. Over the last year their van and trailer were also stolen twice. And when the van was recovered, it collided with a fallen oak tree. On top of that, some of the band members got married and started families, and have aging parents struggling with health problems.

The band's perseverance through a tough year has resulted in hopeful lyrics accompanied by uplifting beats. The song "Won't Let me Go" compels the optimistic listener to sing along with the band, testifying that even though "life is insane and everything is crazy, you carry me through the pain, you won't let me go" and "I'm trusting you no matter what I'm going through."

The album also includes an interpretation of the song "This Little Light of Mine," a song that is soft and light in tone but rich and strong in emotion. The band laces each song with hope and assurance in knowing that no matter how small or big a problem may be, ultimately God's love embraces everyone.

Stories is an album that will likely bring Addison Road to the top of music charts in the Christian categories. "Fight Another Day" has already hit No. 22 for Christian Songs on the Billboard chart.