Al Pacino Creates Biblical Documentary; Set to Receive 'Glory to the Filmmaker' Award

Al Pacino has been chosen to receive the “Glory to the Filmmaker” award in Venice this week, which comes as the Hollywood actor looks to promote his latest project “Salome.”

"The Godfather" star touched on his latest directorial effort titled, “Salome,” a documentary and feature film mélange based on Oscar Wilde’s play. It is the biblical tale of Salome and King Herod, which explores the destructive use of sexuality.

Although the actor has cemented a legacy in the film industry, he criticized his latest project and stated that his future was “blank” on Sunday, ahead of the film’s screening at the Venice Film Festival.

“I didn’t know where I was going, I’m confused,” said Pacino regarding “Salome.”

Pacino met with some challenges while making the film and functioned as both creator and protagonist while documenting the process of “Salome.” He took on three roles in the project including playing himself, King Herod, and in one scene, Oscar Wilde with co-star and up-and-coming American actress Jessica Chastain as Salome.

Wilde, an Irish writer who was imprisoned and sentenced to two years hard labor for gross indecency with other men, has become an obsession for Pacino and underpins the film.

However, the actor did admit that he wishes he further explored the life of the writer while creating “Salome.”

“I don’t think I covered enough of Wilde’s personality. He was a provocateur with a superior mind – a rare person and a great artist,” said Pacino.

He created his first docudrama back in 1996, and Pacino stated that he was always torn between cinema and theater.

“I started to take things I liked, an idea or a play, and I filmed it,” he said. “I’ve made five or six movies on my own, which nobody knows about.”

The two that slipped out are “Looking for Richard,” and now “Salome.”