Alaska Volcano: Eruption Alert Raised at Cleveland Volcano (PHOTOS)

The Alaska Vulcano that has been erupting since last month is currently being monitored as it continuously build up a lava leak on the flanks of the volcano, increasing the possibility of an eruption, according to AP.

On Tuesday, the Alaska Volcano Observatory raised the volcano’s alert level to watch status.

According to John Power, scientist in charge at the Alaska Volcano Observatory, if the dome continues to grow it could close the crater, creating pressure that could result in "a fairly sizable explosion that could throw ash up to flight levels."

The following are photos of the threatening Alaska Volcano.

Alaska-volcano(Photo: Reuters)Cleveland Volcano, a 5,676 foot-tall (1,730 meters) peak located about 940 miles (1,500 km) southwest of Anchorage, emits light steam in this Aug. 8 view provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The volcano has been in low-level eruption since the end of July, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said.
Alaska-volcano(Photo: Heather Bleick/Courtesy of the Alaska Volcano Observatory /U.S. Geological Survey/Reuters/Corbis) Alaska's Mount Redoubt volcano spews ash in this photograph taken on March 15, 2009.
Alaska-volcano(Photo: REUTERS/Ho New)Volcano eruptions can spew ash tens of thousands of feet in the air and can also result in massive lava flows.