Alec Baldwin Married Man After New York City Wedding (PHOTOS)

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas prepared to say "I do" on Saturday night at their St. Patrick Cathedral wedding in New York city.

Alec Baldwin appeared in an amorous mood on Saturday afternoon as he tweeted a love poem by Emily Dickenson just hours before he swore his heart to Hilaria Thomas.

"'T was a long parting, but the time For interview had come; Before the judgment-seat of God, The last and second time. These fleshless lovers met, A heaven in a gaze, A heaven of heavens, the privilege Of one another's eyes. No lifetime set on them, Apparelled as the new Unborn, except they had beheld, Born everlasting now. Was bridal e'er like this? A paradise, the host, And cherubim and seraphim The most familiar guest," Baldwin tweeted.

Baldwin first met Hilaria Thomas in 2012 while she was an instructor at Yoga Vida in Manhattan. Aside from teaching Yoga she has also competed professionally as a ballroom dancer. She began teaching Yoga in 2005 according to her Yoga Vida profile.

Pre-wedding details revealed that the couple has opted for a more traditional wedding, everything decorated with white including Thomas herself. Baldwin, 54, was previously married to Kim Basinger, whom he divorced in 2001.

Baldwin may have to hold his temper at his own wedding however, in the past couple of weeks he has made a name for himself for not getting along with the paparazzi.

The "30 Rock" actor was apparently retrieving a marriage license from the Marriage License Bureau on Worth Street in New York City last week when he reportedly struck a photographer from the Daily News.

Baldwin however told a different story on his Twitter account.

"A 'photographer' almost hit me in the face with his camera this morning," Baldwin charged before going on a rant about his dissatisfaction with the Daily News.

The wedding is set to begin at 7 pm.