Alec Baldwin Stalkers Forcing His Exit From '30 Rock'?

Alec Baldwin voiced his frustration with reporters belonging to NBC's "Today Show" after they came to his home and is rumored to be leaving "30 Rock."

The actor's resentment toward "Today" was posted via Twitter and sparked a new round of rumors that the 54-year-old was leaving Tina Fey's comedy series, which also belongs to NBC.

"I think I'm leaving NBC just in time," Baldwin wrote on his Twitter account after stating that the network planted reporters outside of his New York City apartment.

Baldwin has been slated to return for season seven of "30 Rock," but his Twitter posts suggest he is anxious to cut ties with NBC.

"The television crew camped outside my apt said they were with the Today show. #howthemightyhavefallen," read another tweet. "I haven't appeared on the Today Show in many years. But did they have to camp outside my apt?"

The actor recently sought legal action to protect him from French-Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin who had been stalking him.

"A story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media," added Baldwin of the "Today" show crew Wednesday.

Sabourin, who was arraigned Monday night on charges of aggravated harassment and stalking, claimed she had a 2-year relationship with Baldwin. The 40-year-old actress surfaced after Baldwin announced his engagement to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas earlier this month.

In addition to announcing his departure from the network, Baldwin noted he needed a vacation.

"Off for a much needed trip…" posted the actor before mentioning his fiancee, Thomas.

In light of her new engagement to the actor, Thomas has also been forced to cope with the aggressive members of the media, according to Baldwin's Twitter account.

"A photographer attempting to snap a shot of @hilariathomas backed up into and tripped over a baby stroller. Man…" Wrote the "30 Rock" star.