Alexa Vega Racy Photo Tweeted: 'Spy Kids' Actor Shedding Wholesome Image

"Spy Kids" star Alexa Vega is working hard to shed her wholesome, kid-friendly reputation. Vega recently tweeted a picture of herself in a bra while on the set of her new film "Machete Kills" and announced a divorce from husband Sean Covel.

Vega has appeared in family-friendly movies such as "Little Giants" and "Spy Kids" when she herself was just a child. The 23-year-old, though, has shown that she is ready for adult roles and an active, adult lifestyle. She is currently at work filming an assassin in the upcoming "Machete Kills" alongside Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, and Vanessa Hudgens.

In addition to the photo, which is obviously gaining attention, Vega has offered a running commentary on her life and the journey she is on.

"We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us," she wrote on Sunday. It's a comment that seems to be quite important to Vega as she works to shed her old, youthful image.

Earlier this month Vega announced her decision to divorce her husband of two years, Sean Covel. The pair shared a 13-year age difference, and "irreconcilable differences" was the reason given for the separation. Vega's friends told Us Weekly that she was trying to remain optimistic about the ordeal and that everything happens for a reason.

"I believe that either you control your attitude or it controls you," Vega tweeted soon after the announcement was made.

Vega is only the latest child actor to shed her public image in a shocking way. Vanessa Hudgens, her colleague in "Machete Kills," sent nude photos of herself to another star, Drake Bell, when she was only 16. The photos quickly found their way online and Hudgens was forced to apologize and state she "was embarrassed over the situation and regretted having ever taken these photos."