Amanda Bynes Unrecognizable: Twitter Photos Show New Hair, Dramatic Makeover (PHOTOS)

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(Photo: Twitter/AmandaBynes)Amanda Bynes posted this photo on her Twitter account.

Amanda Bynes was unrecognizable in new photos she posted of herself to Twitter on Sunday. The "What I Like About You" actress undertook a dramatic makeover, with many fans expressing shock at how different she looked in the new pictures.

The actress can be seen in the photos wearing a red skull cap over a long, curly blonde wig with heavy eye makeup.

Along with the photo Bynes also posted a simple message to fans saying, "Wink ;)."

Bynes also tweeted another photo of herself with the new hair style, showing off some face piercings, along with a message that read, "If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls."

She added: "Forgetting past memories."

In another tweet to add the series of postings she further wrote: "The best feelings are those that have no words to describe them......"

The dramatic makeover is just the latest of changes seen in the actress over recent weeks. In January the 26 year old had face piercings done - getting done what is know as a "dermal anchor."

In the picture she posted on Instagram, she is smiling and wearing oversized sunglasses with a blue shirt.

Bynes is hoping to have a more stable year in 2013 after being in the news numerous times throughout 2012 for her personal life.

She had two hit-and-run cases, one of which was settled in December, and she was also slapped with two charges for driving with a suspended license.

In September she dropped her agent, publicist and lawyer within a span of several weeks after her troubles went public.

On Feb. 1, Bynes moved from her New York City apartment into a hotel after the building's management threatened to evict her. Her neighbors complained that she smoked marijuana and cigarettes "morning, noon and night" in a non-smoking building, a source reportedly claimed to Us Weekly.

The source revealed that the apartment Bynes vacated was filled with Marlboro Lights cigarette butts and dirty Q-tips, after she moved out. Another source told the magazine that her parents moved to New York City and rented a room at the same hotel she now lives to keep close watch over their daughter because they are "afraid for her."

Here is a video interview with Amanda Bynes from the past, revealing how different her new look is from her past image: