Amanda Knox Appeal Trial: Prosecutors Show Jury Horrific Photos of Kercher

A lawyer for the slain roommate of Amanda Knox displayed gruesome photos of a murdered Meredith Kercher at an Italian appeals court on Monday.

The Kercher family lawyer, Francesco Maresca, told the court on Monday that he was showing the photos to remind that everyone that “we’re not in a TV show.”

The autopsy photos were shown to demonstrate how the victim suffered. The pictures displayed more than 40 wounds on Kercher’s body and Maresca told the court, “I don’t know why such a happy girl was killed.”

Maresca added, “I’m showing these photos to make you understand how this girl suffered. We are asking for justice.”

Maresca continued to point out to the appeals court that Kercher did not have defensive wounds, arguing that she was tied up and faced more than one aggressor.

The photos, which showed Kercher’s naked bloodied body and a fatal gash on her neck, were displayed in court on the same day that Knox was called a “sex-loving she-devil,” and described as “diabolic.”

The Knox family left the court in the morning in protest against the language used against their daughter.

As Knox’s appeals decision enters its final climatic days, it is also becoming more extreme. Over the weekend the prosecutors asked the jury to lengthen Knox’s sentence to life.

Amanda’s parents spoke to ABC news in their first interview since the closing arguments began in the appeals trial and discussed the challenges their daughter has been facing behind bars.

The family is saying that Knox is optimistic but is having a hard time sleeping or eating.

Her mother said, “The fact that she is still ok is amazing to me.”

Deanna Knox, the younger sister of Knox told ABC news, “I am super optimistic,” but has described the entire ordeal as challenging, admitting that she has even been spit on by a stranger.