Amare Stoudemire Sparks Bible Discussion on Twitter

Amare Stoudemire, New York Knicks injured starting forward, took to his Twitter recently to speak about his beliefs concerning the Holy Bible and where he stands when it comes to being "religious."

Stoudemire, 29, took a break from undergoing rehabilitation on a bulging disc in his lower back recently to speak about the Bible with some of his followers on Twitter. Stoudemire tweeted to over 600,000 followers about understanding the true meaning of the divine text.

"Understand people we are the people of the Bible," the Knicks forward tweeted. "Once we look at the Bible as our History book we will then understand our future."

The Knicks starting forward spoke about the correlation between black people and the Hebrews mentioned in the Bible.

"Blacks (Hebrews) make up 60 percent of inmates but there's only 12.8 percent of us in the U.S. population," Stoudemire tweeted. "We are the people of the Bible."

Stoudemire's tweets piqued the interest of some of his followers who engaged in the biblical conversation with the star power forward. One follower wrote about Latinos also being a part of one of the original 12 tribes of Israel featured in the Bible.

"Latinos are part of one of the tribes too and our Hebrew roots are deep as the tribe of Judah," the person tweeted to Stoudemire. "We're all brothers."

Stoudemire agreed with the follower before explaining that he is not a religious athlete.

"I'm not religious," Stoudemire tweeted. "I'm spiritual."

Still, the high-scoring Knicks starter agreed that every race is equal in God's kingdom.

"The Kingdom of Heaven has no race," Stoudemire tweeted. "We are all created equal. Peace people. Ttys."

Stoudemire is currently traveling with the Knicks, although he is listed as inactive for up to three weeks while he is working on rehabilitating a bulging disc in his back. The Knicks will face the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday night.