Amazon Artificial Intelligence System: Company Prepares to Compete Against Siri with Yap?

Apple established itself as one of the first companies to have an efficient artificial intelligence tasking system available on its iPhone 4S with Siri.

Now Amazon seems to express interest in competing with the development of voice-to-text startup Yap. The only retailer has confirmed nothing yet regarding a new system, but 9to5 Google technology website recently discovered some proof from a Security Exchange Commission filing.

“While nothing is official as of yet, the proof comes from an SEC filing that shows Yap has merged with ‘Dio Acquisition Sub,’ a company located in Amazon’s 410 Terry Avenue building Seattle,” said 9to5Google technology website.

The website claims Yap’s technology pales in comparison to Apple’s Siri. However, the online retailer does have a significant amount of intellectual property related to speech recognition; a factor that leads analysts to believe Amazon is working to develop a competitor for Siri.

The companies can even show-up Apple by implementing Yap into tablets.

“Of course with the Kindle Fire launch next week, and lack of Siri on iPad, it’s easy to dream up a voice-controlled Amazon tablet experience,” 9to5Google said.

Siri exploded onto the market and made the iPhone 4S one of the fastest selling devices of all time. In its first weekend pre-order launch, Apple sold 4 million reservations for the handset making it the most successful iPhone release to date.

Developers ported the system onto other Apple devices successfully, but the company confirmed that Siri would remain exclusive to the iPhone 4S. The system certainly gives Apple an advantage in the smartphone market by this artificial intelligence only being available on the iPhone.

Other companies, such as Google, will most likely develop something to compete with Siri soon and Yap could be one of the first.