Amazon Delivery on Sunday to Start Next Month

Amazon is set to begin Sunday delivery in certain states next month. The online superstore managed to contract a deal with the United States Postal Services in an effort to build business for both companies.

"Delivery on a Sunday would be very compelling for consumers," Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester Research analyst, told the Wall Street Journal. "There are certainly people who decide not to make an order on a Friday because it won't get there until Monday."

Right now, Amazon and USPS plan to start delivery on November 17 in Los Angeles and New York, with plans to expand service to Dallas, New Orleans, Houston and Phoenix in 2014. Customers will not have to pay an extra fee for Sunday delivery, which comes just in time for the holiday rush. The Postal Service is eager for the work, which comes at a much-needed time.

"We're ready for Sunday in the current markets," USPS spokeswoman Sue Brennan told the Wall Street Journal. "If this were to expand, we would look at staffing levels and adjust accordingly."

Brennan told CNN that the deal was "win/win" for both companies as business picks up and more jobs are required for the USPS to stay open. There were rumors that the USPS would have to scale back delivery from six to five days due to budget cuts and the recession; however, a contract with Amazon could boost productivity and income for postal employees.

The deal offers "a chance to take some business from United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx, which do not deliver on Sundays," the New York Times wrote. "Now, some order that would have been handled by either of those carriers for Monday delivery will go through the Postal Service and arrive on Sunday."

Customers are already pleased with the news and looking forward to placing, and receiving, their items.