Amber Alert Case: Hannah Anderson Seen 'Alive,' DiMaggio's Vehicle Found

The vehicle used by suspected murderer and kidnapper James DiMaggio has been found near a wilderness area in Idaho, and victim Hannah Anderson is presumed to be alive after being spotted by two campers.

Anderson has been missing since Sunday and police have issued an Amber Alert that keeps expanding, state-by-state. It started in California, where the 16-year-old lived with her family. Authorities then included Texas, Washington, Oregon and Nevada. DiMaggio's car was finally found in Idaho, near the River of No Return Wilderness area in Cascade, Idaho.

Two people on horseback saw Anderson and DiMaggio in the woods but did not know that there was an Amber Alert for the pair. When the riders returned home and saw the news, they immediately contacted authorities, who found DiMaggio's vehicle covered in brush near the woods.

As of now, authorities believe that Anderson is still alive and is in the woods somewhere with DiMaggio. They are bringing in all types of search-and-rescue teams to help locate the duo and hopefully bring Anderson home safely.

"We have a heightened concern that's based on the evidence we have been collecting at the scene all week long," San Diego Sheriff's Department Captain Duncan Fraser told CNN. "We think that he's capable of anything at this point." The kidnapping and arson, he added, appear to be a "very well planned event."

There is the possibility that DiMaggio has explosives on his person, as evidence found in the burned-out home showed signs of homemade explosives. A team of bomb experts has been called in to examine the vehicle found in Idaho, in case it is booby-trapped with explosives to help DiMaggio cover his trail or conceal evidence.

"This is a pretty much an all-hands-on-deck effort. It's huge," Fraser told the AP.

Anderson's friends have said that DiMaggio may have been infatuated with her, leading to the kidnapping.

"She really trusted him," Dawn MacNabb told the AP. "I have been concerned for a while. It's not normal behavior."