Amber Portwood Violates Probation, Faces Judge Today

Actress Failed to Produce Urine Sample for Probation Officer

Amber Portwood was given the opportunity to avoid prison by serving parole and being under house arrest, but it seems that she has wasted the opportunity and could serve jail time.

A new report by TMZ states that Portwood failed to provide a urine sample during a court-ordered drug test, violating her probation. She will check in with the judge today and learn whether she will be allowed to continue under house arrest or report for prison.

If the judge chooses to send her to prison, she could serve five years.

Portwood has reportedly struggled with the limitations imposed on her. Just last week she was prevented from taking part in a "Teen Mom" reunion special in New York. The judge thought it would "interfere with her program," Portwood's mom, Tonya, told E! News.

"I'm happy … just stressed, but I'm happy," Portwood herself told E! News about life outside prison. She has been living with her grandparents while under house arrest since she was evicted from her own home. Portwood was allowed to remain with family after being rejected by a rehabilitation facility.

Her probation states that she will complete drug rehab at a facility on an out-patient basis, have a phone on hand at all times in case parole officers call to check on her and cannot drink or ingest illegal drugs. Portwood is banned from using mouthwashes or eating foods that contain alcohol, according to Daily Mail.

"I understand you've been in jail for awhile, and you're frustrated," Judge David Happe told the teen reality star. "But the last thing we want to do is release you and have you commit another offense."

The rules clearly state that Portwood can be given a drug test at any point during parole, and failure to do so could send her straight to prison.

During the hearing with Judge Happe, Portwood explained that she is willing to do anything to stay in physical contact with her daughter, Leah.

"I know it is going to be hard, but I have a lot to lose- I have a daughter. I want to possibly get my family back. I think about my daughter all the time, and I did not really do that before," Portwood said.

It remains to be seen whether she will serve time and Judge Happe will give the teen mom another shot.