American Idol Is Most Watched TV Show in US for 8 Consecutive Seasons

American Idol 2012 currently claims the title as the most watched television show in the U.S. according to Nielsen ratings data, capturing the 18 to 49 demographic.

With so many reality TV shows that are not very family friendly, American Idol taking the number one spot proves that crude shows are not always what viewers want to see.

American Idol is a show revolved around the concept of finding the next superstar. Americans have been captivated by the show for a decade since its inception in 2002 where viewers are able to directly participate in the voting of their favorite performers. Many countries worldwide have since replicated similar reality shows to discover their nation's talents.

Season 11 has been an exciting journey where the final two contestants are what people would say are from the opposite ends of a spectrum. It is Jessica Sanchez with her power vocals and soulful style verses Phillip Philips with his charming charisma and indie vibe.

If Sanchez nabs the crown, she will be the first Asian American winner and the youngest "Idol" ever.



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