Amputee Brawl: Video of Mass Fight Between Amputee Players at Charity Soccer Match Goes Viral (PHOTO)

A mass "amputee brawl" broke out at a charity soccer match in Europe this week, shocking fans at the event.

The charity soccer match taking place was between Belgium and the Netherlands, with each player previously having an amputation and only having one leg. However, despite it being a charity match, and despite the players being amputees, violence broke out between the two sides.

All players on the field were using crutches or synthetic legs to participate due to their amputations. At the start of the game the skills portrayed by the players was admirable, and to many seeing them overcome their physical challenges was inspirational.

(Photo: YouTube/Natalie Simpson Screen Shot)An amputee brawl broke out at a charity soccer match in Europe, with 20 people eventually getting involved in the mass fight.

However, what was an inspiration soon turned into an embarrassment for both sides as a mass brawl broke out. The fight is said to have involved a number of the players, but also a number of able-bodied spectators also ran on the pitch and joined in the brawl. In total there were about 20 people involved in the brawl.

The brawl was sparked when one player tripped an opposing player as they challenged for the ball. The trip sparked a number of players to start pushing one another, with more and more jumping in as things kicked off. The players soon started shouting abuse at one another as the shoving and brawling became more widespread.

Soon after, things heated up even more as punches were thrown, which led to even more players getting involved.

Referees quickly moved in to try and break things up and restore order, but even though they tried to hold players back they were unable to stop the wider mass brawl breaking out.

To add further insult to injury for the charity event, the brawl did not stop at the players being involved in the fight, but a large portion of fans also ran onto the pitch and joined in as the fracas got completely out of hand.

Here is video footage of part of the amputee brawl: