Amy's Baking Company Grand Re-Opening 'Sold Out': Couple Donating Proceeds to Charity

Amy's Baking Company became infamous on a recent episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," but hopes to turn all of that around with a grand re-opening May 21. The owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglos, posted about the event and said they are eager for diners to judge whether they deserved all the bad press.

"Customers will be able to decide who is correct: a famous celebrity chef or the marketplace that has supported the small, locally-owned business for six years. Diners will also have the opportunity to meet, and judge for themselves, the character of owners Amy and Sammy Bouzaglos, who have devoted their lives to, and earn their living from, their small restaurant," a Facebook post on the company's website read.

Ever since appearing on "Kitchen Nightmares" with Gordon Ramsay, Amy's Baking Company has received very negative publicity. Fans of the series left incredibly heated comments on their Facebook page, Twitter feed, and even filled the voicemail of the restaurant after the episode aired.

People criticized Amy and Samy for treating their workers and customers unfairly and were appalled at their seeming lack of common sense. The couple maintained that they were being attacked by bloggers and reviewers, then, that their Facebook and social media feeds had been hacked when their alleged responses to critics went public.

"The owners will likely be holding a press conference before the Grand Re-Opening and answer falsehood depicted on a reality television show, including assertions that the restaurant confiscates tips from servers. In fact, wait staff is paid $8-$14 per hour, two and a half to nearly five times the standard hourly wage for servers," the Facebook announcement read.

"When re-opened, a portion of proceeds will benefit a charity organized to bring awareness to cyber-bullying," the statement continued.

"Amy's Baking Company grand re-opening Tuesday sold out," tweeted Jason Rose of Rose + Moser + Allyn Public Relations. Rose is one of the representatives the Bouzaglos hired in the aftermath of the "Kitchen Nightmares" debacle.