Anderson Cooper and Dyngus Day Apology

After breaking in to a fit of giggles talking about the Polish holiday of Dyngus Day Tuesday, newsman Anderson Cooper has apologized.

Speaking on a segment of "RidicuList," Cooper was explaining the end-of-Lent tradition of Dyngus Day where girls strike boys with pussy willow branches.

It was then that Cooper dissolved into a fit of laughter on screen and said, "It's really so stupid."

Many viewers became outraged thinking that Cooper was referring to the holiday as stupid, but the journalist took to Twitter to clarify.

"Just learned some groups believe I called Dyngus Day 'so stupid' on RidicuList. I didn't. I was saying my giggling fit was 'so stupid,'" said the "AC360" host.

"Genuinely sorry if I offended anyone," added Cooper, who said that Dyngus Day "sounds like a fun celebration."

Additionally, Cooper repeated an apology in a statement, according to New York Daily News.

"I am concerned to hear that some people believe that I called Dyngus Day celebrations 'stupid' or in any way criticized this holiday," said Cooper. "I did not."

The CNN newsman admitted that he was "in the midst of a silly giggle fit" when he referred to his own inability to stop laughing as "stupid."

"I was not saying that Dyngus Day was 'so stupid,'" Cooper repeated. "I apologize to anyone who got the impression that I was being critical of Dyngus Day. I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone by the lighthearted tone of the 'RiducuList.'"

This is not the first time the journalist has lost composure on camera. In August, Cooper suffered an attack of laughter while reporting on Gerard Depardieu's airplane incident.

Cooper's uncontrollable laughter Tuesday has made waves on Twitter, with users both laughing with the news anchor and criticizing him.

"Anderson Cooper loses it on air again," wrote Molly.

Vulture wrote, "Anderson Cooper giggles uncontrollably for a solid minute, yet again."