Android 4.1.2, JellyBean Software Update Available for Sprint Galaxy Note 2

A new Android 4.1, JellyBean software update is now available for the Sprint Galaxy Note 2 model.

This update adds a few new features to a device running JellyBean. Two main issues have been improved, including waking up the device with the home key, which sometimes incorrectly brings up the recently used applications screen. Home Screen security updates have also been issued.

This minor update was issued OTA (over-the-air) this week. In order to access it Galaxy Note 2 users can visit Settings and check for the latest updates.

Samsung should be releasing the Galaxy Note 3 sometime in the near future. The upcoming smartphone-tablet hybrid will be the first Samsung device to feature an S Orb panorama camera.

The S Orb camera will also be featured on other Samsung handsets including the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, and Galaxy Note 2 once the company rolls out Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie.

S Orb is Samsung's own version of the 360-degree panorama picture. It was originally meant to be introduced with the Galaxy S4, but will not come out with the next Android software build.

The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to launch sometime in September.

Samsung also hopes to improve build and design quality on the Galaxy Note 3.

The company's smartphones such as the Galaxy S3 and previous Note models have been criticized in the past for an unimpressive exterior design. Samsung normally uses a plastic frame, while other companies such as Apple and HTC incorporate more durable materials into their devices.

The recent release of the HTC One has reportedly sparked Samsung's interest in redesigning the Note 3's exterior, according to The handset features a stunning design that rivals the Korean giant's current flagship the Galaxy S4, which closely resembles the Galaxy S3. Samsung normally uses plastic for the exterior of its devices in order to keep production costs low. However, the popularity of Samsung's handsets has exploded in the past few years and a new design is long overdue for the Galaxy lines.