Another iPhone Combusts in Brazil After Charging Near Bedside

Just after last week’s mysterious iPhone 4 combustion on an Australian airplane, reports of another iPhone incident are circulating, this time in Brazil.


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According to Mashable, owner Ayla Mota was peacefully sleeping before being abruptly awakened by sparks flying from her iPhone, which she was charging by her bedside. The device was just 15 centimeters away from her body.

When she woke up, she saw that her room was full of smoke. Though she escaped unharmed, she was said to have been flustered by the incident. She was also unsure where to go to replace her damaged phone.

Mota’s phone was bought in France and not in Brazil. Only items purchased in Brazil could be covered by the guarantee, which she did not qualify for.

Last Friday, an iPhone spontaneously combusted during a flight on the Regional Express, emitting smoke and glowing red to the surprise of passengers onboard.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is currently investigating the situation but so far have no leads.

Apple has yet to release any comment or statement on the two incidents so far.

 Another iPhone Explodes

Worried iPhone users are being warned not to sleep near the iPhone, whether it is charging or stationary.

Tech bloggers believe the battery could be the culprit for both events, which many iPhone 4S users have complained about, mentioning overheating and low-battery life issues.

Apple tried to resolve the battery drain issue by developing an update to the iOS 5 software, which they said addressed many of the battery issues some customers were experiencing. They are continuing to investigate the problem as some are still facing the same issues even with the updates.

Other bugs on the latest phone include microphone failures, Wi-Fi signal loss, and reception issues, all of which the Cupertino-based company is hoping to quickly solve.